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About Us

We are an established team of experts specializing in providing epoxy coating solutions to residential and commercial property owners. Our company is well known for the installation, refinishing, replacement and coating of epoxy floorings. With the use of top-grade equipment, seasoned and knowledgeable professionals as well as sophisticated installation methods, we have helped various clients to create epoxy solutions.

Our epoxy floor coatings, are functional, aesthetically pleasing and cost effective. They are durable, long lasting and hold up well in areas of high traffic. With our help, your property can get a clean yet pleasant look. The installation methods we make use of ensure that we provide quality floors for our clients. We have a defined procedure and set of guidelines that we abide by to ensure our clients get superior finishes on their property.

Quality materials, skilled applicators, and strict industry standards are vital in ensuring that services provided by us please our clients need for efficient and effective products.

Lakeland Aluminum Fence

With Our Epoxy Coating Service:

Clean and seamless surface

With the epoxy flooring and coating services we provide to our clients, you can be confident of an easy to clean yet seamless surface to brighten up your property. Our floors are ideal for basements, garages, driveways, patios and basically anywhere that you are bound to have solids and liquids.

Attractive property

Need to spruce up the look of your property but need an affordable option? With our epoxy flooring solutions that are available in a wide variety of styles and colors, you can get your property looking classy. Our high gloss shiny epoxy coatings will have you intent on applying it to all floors of your property.

Long-lasting and durable

Tired of having to replace your floors constantly, well worry no more! Thanks to our skilled technicians who apply industry standards and best practices in the epoxy installation, we can guarantee you of a long-lasting floor. Also, we make use of materials that are less susceptible to wear and tear thereby resulting in a hard-wearing surface.

Improved safety

Cracks, out of place joints, wear and tear are things that can lead to a floor becoming dangerous. Slips, falls and generally accidents are incidents that are likely to occur as a result of this. However, with our epoxy solutions, you get fire, slip, heat and impact resistant floors.

Generally, one thing you can be confident of with our flooring solutions is the fact that they help create a congenial and healthy environment for you to carry out your activities without hassle or fear of accidents. Our years of experience in the business has made it highly possible for us to pinpoint areas that clients are wary of and help think of trustworthy solutions that last for a long time. This has made us trustworthy and one of the dominant epoxy flooring companies in the region.

We not only help you think of solutions, we teach you how to maintain these solutions to ensure they are still efficient and effective years from now. So, what are you waiting for, call us for a quote.

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