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Since our establishment, the Lakeland Fence Company has built a reputation for itself as a dominant force in the nice of fence building, repairs, replacements and installation within the Lakeland, Florida Region. Our clients and customers have complete trust in our ability to deliver quality fences for their residential and commercial properties thanks to our experienced and skilled staff who are licensed and certified in the area of work. We also have a workshop which serves as host to tools and materials to help create masterpieces that are worthy of acting as privacy and safety screens for our customers. Due to the number of staffs we have, we are able to travel from our workshop to client sites to carry out assessments on the property requiring the fence.

Our mobility enables us to meet the needs of our client within a short period. All our services are completed within a reasonable timeframe regardless of the size of the project or its nature.

Need the fence to not only serve a functional purpose but also add a beautifying note to your property? Don’t worry, we have got you covered with the wide range of fencing options we offer. We make sure that our fences meet the criteria of practicality and enhancement of the look of the property

What We Specialize In

At the Lakeland Fence Company, some of the fencing options we offer include:

  • Repair and replacement of privacy fences, aluminum fences, vinyl fences, chain link fences and wood fences.
  • Structural modifications of fences
  • Design and installation of fences

Our Services

Our expert fencing services range from commercial fencing, to industrial welding and residential installations.

Need fencing work done on your private property, construction site or recreational facility? You can easily rely on us at the Lakeland Fence Company for quality and well-refined jobs when you need the help of expert service providers.

Lakeland Wood Fence

We help you design vinyl fences that are long lasting, durable and reliable. With different color options, you can easily satisfy the need for your property to be aesthetically pleasing. From the design of the fence, measurement of your property, cutting of the length of the material to the actual installation on your property, at the Lakeland Fence Company, we custom fabricate every detail.

With vinyl, the possibilities are endless and our job is to ensure you get the type of fence you want without compromising on quality. There are a lot of options for vinyl and some of the categories include:

  • Picket Fences
  • Royal Fences
  • Vinyl Arbors
  • Rail Systems etc.

Our vinyl fences are:

  • Easy to use and require little to no maintenance.
  • Protected from the ultra violet rays of the sun thereby making them crack resistant.
  • Resilient to the effects of weather elements.
  • Variety of color options from white to almond
  • Can be Galvanized or steel coated.

In Lakeland, Vinyl Chain Link Fences can be installed on residential properties to enclose apartments, property lines and garages. On commercial properties, it can be installed to enclose recreational spots such as basketball courts, soccer fields, malls, and swimming pools among others. For industrial properties, our vinyl chain link fences can be used for schools and municipal buildings.

Regardless of the location, you can be rest assured of the fact that our installation of fences on your properties will provide high security. They are also long lasting and can withstand high impact.

The Lakeland Fence Company only provides wood fencing products that have been pressure treated. With the help of our expert team, we can help you customize the wood fence on the site of your property to ensure that it is well fitted and suited. We also help independent customers to build custom panels that can easily be installed by them. Of course, this will be made out of the same quality materials we make use of when personally installing the products.

The grade of wood used is top-quality. Our panels are not made before installation as we want to ensure they are tailor-made for the client’s needs.

Tired of people waltzing into your property? Worried about nosy individuals peeking into your property? For your safety, privacy and security, there is only one thing that can solve the problem and that is our privacy fences. With the Lakeland Fence Company at your aid, you can define your property line and ensure that your activities are blocked out from the curiosity of others.

Of course, our privacy fences are made from different materials, in different styles and with different color options. From wood to vinyl, chain link to panels and white to beige. We have your needs covered.

Need a fence that requires low maintenance and can be easily installed on your porch railings or decks? Then, try our aluminum fencing options. With premium aluminum coatings and extrusions, we fabricate sections of fences that can be used anywhere you like. We are also able to offer decorative add-ons for the fences to uplift the look of your property.

The Lakeland Fence Company has all it takes from commitment, expertise and experience to ensure that all your fencing needs are fulfilled. We provide our clients with varied options and solutions in budgeting, time frame and specialized applications. Our team of experts go the extra mile in ensuring that your needs are understood and delivered upon.

No matter the type of project, you can always rely on us to not fail when it comes to delivery.

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We have enlisted our services for you to better understand what you can expect from us when you hire us. Our services are beyond reproach and we have testimonials of customers to attest to this. So, what are you waiting for, call us today?

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